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A Knitting Legacy in Pictures

Last month, I wrote a post that mentioned my paternal grandmother who taught me to knit and crochet. This month, I would like to share pictures of her crochet work. There are a few  antimacassars, but the rest are unfinished and I’ll never know what they were destined to be. The hexagon, third picture from […]

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Aren’t these adorable?

This is definitely a break from what I typically offer, but how could I resist? These crochet Christmas Lights are charming and require only the most basic crochet skills. Designed by Maria Stout, the pattern includes instructions to make small, medium and large bulbs. Each bulb can be made with leftover scraps of worsted weight […]

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Hey Linda, look what I built!

A few days ago a customer sent an email asking if I would wind her yarn.  I politely explained that this isn’t a service I offer, but it got me thinking that it’s about time I had a swift to go with my 23-year old ball winder.  A quick search online revealed lots of methods […]

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Knitting interruptus – part 2

Follow up to Knitting Interruptus Part 1 The pallets, what to do with the pallets?  Firewood came to mind, but no, I could put them to a more constructive use.  My husband loves to barbecue and always complains that he has no table to use for food or utensils.  Over the years, much of what […]

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Knitting interruptus – part 1

About two weeks ago I had a craft attack that really took a bite out of my knitting.  Actually, it took a bite out of everything – the house was a mess, bills weren’t paid and if my wonderful husband didn’t feed the family, we all would have gone hungry.  I was obsessed.  It’s out […]

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Homemade Butter in 10 Minutes!

So this is not a knitting post, but something I thought you would enjoy.  Last night my husband decided to cook dinner.  He brought home fresh pasta, fresh butter, Italian bread, heavy cream and parmesan cheese to make fettucini alfredo.  Not too healthy, but definitely delicious.  I was curious to try fresh butter and found […]

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