February Knitter Spotlight – Dana

Name:   Dana

Years knitting: About 10 or so.

Rav id: Craftydana32

Currently working on…Wanida socks by Cookie A, just cast on HiyaHia Fruit Cuffed Sox, a test knit for Qianer Huang and Blairsden Cardigan, which is a test knit for Maria Olson.


Who taught you to knit?  I taught myself.   I tried using books at first, but the pictures didn’t help me to understand what was going on.    I rented a video from the library and that helped me understand how to do the stitches because I was able to see how the stitches were actually done.  I ended up buying that video, but loaned it to a friend and no longer have it.  I can not remember the name or the teacher, but it was a very good video.  I don’t think I actually watched the whole video,  after I learned the basic stitches, I was on my way to my new addiction.  I like knitting because you can take it any where and do not need really expensive supplies, unless you want them.

What are your favorite colors to knit with?  Brown and pink.  I also like jewel tones, but I find myself going to shades of brown and pink more, since they are my favorite  colors.

What is your current favorite yarn?  My all time favorite is Tosh Merino Light.  I’ve just found Mosaic Moon Yarns and I like it a lot.  I’m in 4 of her coops and can’t wait until I start receiving my orders.  I think I have bought 2 or 3 skeins from Ravelers and her colors are amazing.

How would you describe your personal style and how knitwear fits into it?  I’m a Julep Maven and they labled me as Classic with a Twist, which I think fits me perfectly.  I like classic styles, but with a twist to them.  I don’t necessarily want to follow fads, if I’m not going to wear or use them.  For clothing, I don’t want to get a color or style that I wouldn’t want to wear for a few seasons or just for one occasion.  Socks are a different story because I can always wear them with blue jeans.  By the way, socks are my favorite things to knit and I usually wear a pair of my handknit socks every day, even in the summer.  The wool keeps the sweat away and they never seem to be too hot to me.

What have you knitted that you especially love to wear? My most favorite thing so far are my Selbudeath socks because they are my second pair of stranded socks and they turned out really well.


How big is your yarn stash?  Can we see photos? 

I have a ton of sock yarn, fiber, and a bunch of acrylic yarn that I bought when I first started knitting.  I live in an apartment, so I do not have a dedicated craft room.  My craft area is in my bedroom.  I have supplies stashed in that corner, another corner in my room, bags with sweater lots of yarn in my closet and my acrylic is stashed in my storage room.  I also have some fiber in my living room near my two wheels – a Majacraft Suzie and a Fricke.
Here are a few of Dana’s FOs…enjoy!

Eden Prairie


 Shell Lace Socks

shell lace

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